I will miss the snow covered mountains, our beautiful beach and the hummingbirds that visit our garden but more than anything I will miss these two gorgeous girls.


Miss E and her mother L (who tags along on all our adventures).

It took 4 months before E would make eye contact with me (she is very discerning) and 6 months before she would smile at me, but my perseverance paid off and we are now firm friends. Two years later she still won’t talk to the wog god (this girl is not only good looking but highly intelligent) ……

We are making the most of the time we have left together – so on Tuesday we visited Stanley Park where we ran into this character …


and then walked around English Bay …..

IMG_1882IMG_1517 IMG_1518 IMG_1522

spotting some more work by my tame street artist along the way,


including this one (see the resemblance) …….


Then we caught the ferry to Granville Island,IMG_1905


IMG_1922IMG_1916for a spot of shopping, lunch and a little swing action before heading home to more packing and sorting.


This time in 4 weeks we will be winging it back to Oz, so in the meantime I have been grabbing every moment, making the most of our last month in a cold climate and foreign land.

When the sun is out – currently about once a week – I hot foot it to the beach, cove or to wander the endless paths and trails at Stanley Park.


The park is just over the bridge on the downtown side and is made up of an 8.8km seawall that borders  a beautiful green space that includes restaurants, ponds, walking tracks and even an aqaurium. You can spend hours here and never get bored watching the passing parade – tourists riding on the wrong side of the bike path, cruise ships honking as they depart the port and lots of local wildlife …… but be warned!


Here are some of my favourite spots

Totem poles

IMG_1387 IMG_1383

Beaver Lake – complete with dam and signs of recent beaver like activity

IMG_1404 IMG_1400IMG_1507 IMG_1505

Lost Lagoon

IMG_1501 IMG_1500 IMG_1496IMG_1513

Heron Nests high in the trees


The Seawall

IMG_1394IMG_1510 IMG_1389

A long weekend in Vancouver equalled an opportunity to tick off another item on the Canadian bucket list.


An hour and a half ferry ride away and we landed on Vancouver Island – a quick stop at “Goats on the Roof” market to stock up on supplies and a further two hour car ride through mist covered mountains and we finally arrived at our destination.


Home for the next three days Ucluelet – a quiet fishing village with a distinctly ‘Straddie’ vibe.


Tofino – half an hour up the road provided the staging point for much of the weekends actities ……

A whale watching tour on the Clayoquot sound where we spotted grey whales, bald eagles, stellar sealions, seals and a black bear and her cub – amazing experience apart from one case of sea sickness (me) in the rolling swell.

IMG_1584 IMG_1571 IMG_5348IMG_5403

A walk along the boardwalk into the thermal springs at the Maquinna provincial park.


For the record there was no nude bathing (although the Meka boys all stripped down to swimming togs to take a dip – don’t worry no photos of the wog god!!)

IMG_5318IMG_5329IMG_5398IMG_1642 IMG_1612 IMG_1599

Three hours surfing lesson at Cheaterman beach where the water temperature stayed well below double figures – brrrrrrrr


and a hike along the wild pacific trail to admire the rugged west coast shoreline.


All this paired with amazing local seafood and great company ensured a good weekend was had by all…… tick !


We have been making the most of the short time we have left in the wilderness that is Vancouver.


Top of my list was a night in the woods at K’s cabin ……. so we hiked in during the week with some essential supplies and my friend L in tow to help hang new curtains that I whipped up with the help of Ikea and my trusty sewing machine.


The snow is starting to thaw and in some places we fell through to the forest floor beneath – some of us did it more stylishly than others!



A return trip on the weekend with some ferals included in the party and more essential supplies made for a cosy night.


Some of us made more use of the facilities than others,


but we all left our mark……..


Today the Wog God was forced to eat humble pie……


As part of the mining for miracles charity he raised ca$25, 320 or  au$24, 426.87 for the local children’s hospital


The boys got an early mark from school to laugh at ooops I mean support their Dad’s good deeds

IMG_1322 IMG_1333

Pie was loaded

IMG_1334 IMG_1337

Pie-ee looked a little anxious

and then ……………..

IMG_1338IMG_1339IMG_1340IMG_1341 IMG_1343 IMG_1342



This week the sun stayed out for five days in a row – a record in these parts!!!

So to top up my essential supply of Vitamin D I ventured out ………..

to Club Rugby to watch S conquer the obstacle course and receive his trophy……

IMG_1085 IMG_1062IMG_1073

to Gastown and Chinatown with my two favourite girls for breakfast @ Nelson the seagull,  a walk through the Sun Yat Sen Gardens, some street art spying and a spot of vintage shopping …. IMG_5083IMG_1142IMG_1137IMG_1151IMG_1128 IMG_1117IMG_1173 IMG_1169IMG_5099 IMG_5094

Kayaking in Deep Cove where a curious seal followed us all the way along the shoreline ……


Anzac Day celebrations downtown where an odd assortment of kiwis and aussies, the sight of our flag fluttering in the wind and even the sound of our very pedestrian anthem did wonders for a homesick heart …….IMG_1246IMG_1240IMG_1237

to cheer on Hazza as he captained the school rugby team and S as he transformed into Neptune (like I need another wog god!) for the school play

IMG_1221 IMG_1212 IMG_1207

IMG_1274 IMG_1259and now it is Friday and the clouds have reemerged just in time for the weekend – drat !


Spring is meant to have sprung in these parts but winter is holding on with an icy cold grasp………. and while the ski season in Vancouver is officially over there is still plenty of white stuff high on the mountains……..


My gorgeous friend K has just purchased a cabin in the woods on Mt Cyprus – only accessible by foot and without running water or electricty we spent Wednesday hiking in with backpacks and essential supplies…… I was rewarded with chocolate and the promise of a sleep over before we leave.



Later in the week the weather warmed up and some colour emerged from the grey at last during a walk around the Van Dusen gardens …… and having been denied cherry blossoms in Washington I was delighted to find  these beauties ……

IMG_1047 IMG_1041 IMG_1035 IMG_1034 IMG_1028 IMG_1020 IMG_1013